Thursday, July 30, 2009


this is a tale of a class which consist of 2 different group of students...I will just call the group as THE FIRST GROUP & THE SECOND GROUP. Both of the group came from different school (pusat pengajian). It's just a simple tale actually...but it can sounds silly for other people. Both group have been in the same class since their first semester...then meet again during their third semester until now...fifith semester. THE SECOND GROUP is actually future teacher...and they are taking some of the courses from THE FIRST GROUP'S school. At first things look ok with both group...THE SECOND GROUP looks quite friendly but soon THE FIRST GROUP found out that THE SECOND GROUP says bad things about them...about things like the lecturer are bias towards them because they came from other school. Almost half of THE SECOND GROUP dislike THE FIRST GROUP student...God knows why they dislike THE FIRST GROUP student. For me they act like a child...I mean like you are university add to that...APEX U students...should you have that kind of attitude? Be don't have to feel that the lecturer is bias towards you because they are not. If they do it's just because they care for THE FIRST GROUP more because they are the lecturer from THE FIRST GROUP'S school (but trust me...the lecturer are not bias). Yes, some of THE SECOND GROUP STUDENTS are nice towards THE FIRST GROUP students...but not all of them. Some might smile to THE FIRST GROUP students when they bumped into each other but it's like blh dikira dgn jari. Some even have each other's YM and can interract nicely. But again...most of them dislike THE FIRST GROUP STUDENT. Come are future that how a teacher should that the value that you wants your student to follow?? If yes...there goes the educational institution. Grow up and act like you should act...act like a university students should act and be nice to others. If THE SECOND GROUP students have something that they are not satisfied with THE FIRST GROUP student...just tell them straight away...don't have to act like a child and says that the lecturer is bias. One more thing...what makes thing worse is the hatred is just around the MALAY students...hmmm smpai biler la nk maju mcm ni...

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